photo by:  Travis Matthews

Why is confidence important?

"The Lord knows me and still says I have value. I am worth a lot to Him because He created and invested in me."

For most of my life, I accepted the misconception that I am shy, I would rather be in the background, and that nobody would listen to me. I realized one day in prayer that being shy goes against the word of God. The bible says that "God did not give us a spirit of timidity..." (2 Timothy 1:7).


It brought me back to the ways in which I freely gave myself away sexually to men for validation or times where I was too afraid to speak about God because I did not want to be confronted or challenged. I tried so hard to be accepted and assimilate to the culture of the people I thought were cool. Now, I am coming into the understanding that I am created the way I am for a reason and that even in the mistakes of my past that I am not defined by them. My identity lies in Christ. 

My Journey
About a year ago, someone prophesied into my life and asked me if I struggled with confidence. I could not help but cry, because I knew it was the truth. She told me that I had to be free from my lack of confidence in order to step into what God was calling me to do. Although confidence has been my struggle, it is now my platform and testimony. So, now I want to be vulnerable and share those experiences with others in faith so that it will set them free and unlock their purpose the same way it has been for me.