Time To Grow Up (Sorta)

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

I typically cringe at the idea of using cliché sayings and overused metaphors to express myself, but I feel inclined to use "Sorry, I can't adult today" to open what I pray does not become a rant. 

Not every day presents a struggle to achieve even the simplest of tasks, i.e. showering, however I am experiencing the pressure of growing up in an intense manner ALL of 2018. 

On The Bright Side

The past few weeks offered an opportunity to view my circumstances in positive light. I reflected on numerous obstacles and lifestyle changes that occurred over the years and I must say that so much progress has been made.

From becoming a mother, to living and growing a community in New York, to starting a blog and promoting myself; I have truly grown tremendously. Most importantly, I thank the Lord for reminding me to stop and express gratitude for my successes (and failures lol). 

Coat Inspiration

Originally, the Blossom Coat began as an obsession with this Moschino coat I saw first on Cardi B. The huge floral arrangement drew me in immediately and I knew I needed to find how to make one of my own. After finishing the jacket, I did not wear it again for an entire month. I wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity to wear and capture it on camera. 

As I walked around the Fordham University campus and into the conference wearing the floral coat I could feel the eyes of others immediately drawn to the unique piece I created. So many people approached me and asked who designed it and gave compliments on it. Some even expressed interest in wearing the coat themselves!

I could not believe the response. Experiencing the reaction to the coat helped me understand its' importance to me. I displayed a piece of my person

ality that day and others were drawn to and could relate to it. It felt great to connect with people in a way that did not even involve words. 

Make Your Own 'Blossom"

In creating this piece for yourself, I hope that it brings a similar sense of pride and self confidence that will be obvious to everyone you encounter. The tutorial is linked below and it is SO EASY! Good Luck.