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Trendsetter Starter Kit Product Description


You’re on this journey to making an impact with your creativity, and the Trendsetter Starter Kit is here to help you. This kit was meticulously crafted for the visionary creative entrepreneur. This kit is not just a set of tools; it's your partner as you create a platform where your authentic voice commands attention and respect.


What's Included:

1. Getting UnShy Workbook: Within these 88 pages lies your blueprint for crafting a presence that resonates deeply and widely. Compatible with the Goodnotes App, this workbook guides you through articulating your unique vision and sharing your passion. Here, you'll learn to communicate your story with heart and precision, transforming your quiet whispers into bold statements that echo across your industry.


2. The Collaborative Marketing Guide (Digital & Print): Titled "Selling Without Being a Sellout," this guide provides clarity on navigating partnerships with integrity. It's crafted for you, the creator who seeks to maintain authenticity while exploring avenues for revenue through strategic collaborations. Learn how to align with brands that not only complement but elevate your growing platform.


3. Access to the For Trendsetters Only Community: Step into a circle of fellow creatives who are each painting their unique pictures of success. This Telegram-based community is a space for sharing insights, bolstering each other’s growth, and celebrating milestones together. It’s a gathering of minds and spirits who thrive on mutual support and inspiration.


Benefits of the Trendsetter Starter Kit:


  • Creative Freedom: Equip yourself with the knowledge to share your creations in a way that feels true to your artistic ethos.


  • Visionary Storytelling: Harness the power of your narrative to captivate and engage, transforming viewers into loyal followers and collaborators.


  • Authentic Connections: Cultivate relationships with peers and brands that are rooted in genuine alignment and shared goals.


  • Impactful Presence: Build a platform that not only showcases your talents but also establishes you as a cornerstone in your creative domain.


Imagine a world where your creative work isn't just seen—it's sought after and respected. Where your ideas set trends and your collaborations bring not only financial freedom but also a sense of fulfillment. The Trendsetter Starter Kit is here to guide you through this phase of building and refinement, ensuring that every step you take is covered in purpose and positioned for impact. 

Trendsetter Starter Kit

  • **Product Specifications:**

    1. **Getting UnShy Workbook**:

       - Format: Digital (PDF), compatible with the Goodnotes App

       - Size: 8.5" x 11"

       - Length: 88 pages

       - Language: English


    2. **The Collaborative Marketing Guide**:

       - Formats Available: Digital (PDF) and Print

       - Print Version Size: 8.5" x 11"

       - Digital Version Length: 25 pages

       - Language: English


    3. **Access to For Trendsetters Only Community**:

       - Platform: Telegram

       - Features: Continuous access to chat, community support, and exclusive content updates


    **Licensing Agreement:**

    The purchase of the Trendsetter Starter Kit grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the materials provided for your personal and professional growth. The materials in the Getting UnShy Workbook and The Collaborative Marketing Guide are for the buyer’s individual use only.



    - **No Resale Rights**: The buyer may not sell, distribute, rent, or otherwise transfer ownership of any digital or print copies of the workbook or marketing guide to any third party.

    - **Non-transferable Access**: Access to the For Trendsetters Only community is linked exclusively to the original purchaser and cannot be shared or transferred to others.


    **Usage Guidelines:**

    - These materials may be utilized to enhance your personal brand and platform development.

    - You may refer to the content in public presentations or workshops, provided that credit is given to the Trendsetter Starter Kit as the source.

    - Reproduction, distribution, public display, or creating derivative works from the contents are prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by the creators of the Trendsetter Starter Kit.


    **Intellectual Property Rights**:

    All intellectual property rights in the Getting UnShy Workbook, The Collaborative Marketing Guide, and any content within the For Trendsetters Only community remain with the creators. Unauthorized use may result in legal action.


    This licensing agreement upholds the creative value and integrity of the Trendsetter Starter Kit, providing you with unique tools to further your growth as a creative entrepreneur while respecting the creators’ rights and contributions.

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