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Jada West holding a sony camera with a rode mic standing in front of a yellow brick wall wearing a light wash denim jacket and a black floral crochet dress

What's Getting Unshy?

How it began...

Getting Unshy came to life after an experience I had at a business retreat in 2019. That was where I realized that being shy directly impacted by ability to grow my businesses to the status I dreamed about. From that moment, I began doing the work to Get Unshy and I have seen my brand flourish as a result. 


The Getting Unshy framework guides those who want to be bold about their brands. Whether you are just starting out or already established, but realizing it's time for a pivot- this is for you. 


You can get a taste of what to expect by following the steps on the page! I'm seeing my dreams literally become reality, and now it's your turn! 

Getting Unshy Journey


Get the Workbook

The workbook provides the strategy you need to build your dream brand and serve as a reference while you grow. 

 I would love to hear how it's been helping you! Tag me in your content @itsjadawest on all platforms.


Watch the Masterclass

Here is where you get even more understanding and answers to some of the questions you may have along the journey. The Masterclass + blog will help you visualize how to apply the strategies. 



Get Connected

You don't have to do this alone! When you join the community you get the opportunity to reach out for support with your content, learn new skills + updates, and have co-creating sessions where we can work together or answer questions.

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Be Boldly You

Make an impact & income with your creativity!

On this journey, you'll get into:

  • Finding your rhythm in sharing what you love

  • Connecting with folks who vibe with you

  • Mastering storytelling that resonates and moves people

  • Building genuine connections and collaborations


And that's just the start.

No more feeling like you're talking into a void, seeing others rise while you're figuring things out. Or maybe you've got some recognition, but now you're ready for a change and unsure how to switch lanes without losing who you are at your core.

That's where real, genuine branding comes into play. It's about giving yourself the freedom to explore new directions while staying true to who you are. When your brand reflects the real you, it naturally attracts people who love not just what you do, but who you are.

Confidence to create content that uses your voice & shows your face

Weave your story into your content & become relevant to your dream community

Embrace your role as a trendsetter, influencer, creative or designer.


Getting Unshy Masterclass

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