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"Getting UnShy" The Personal Branding Workbook:

Be Bold, Be Authentic and Build the Brand of Your Dreams.

Are you a creative struggling with being shy and watching as it blocks your from being who you know you have the potential to be? You're spending time wondering if people will find you interesting or if you are better off being behind-the-scenes.

Here’s the Deal:

People want to know about YOU. Yes, the care about your story and your personality is what will attract them to you. And you don't have to follow someone else's content schedule, put on a fake, bubbly personality, stick a certain aesthetic, or chase the follower count. Any personality, introverted or not, can build a brand that’s impactful and profitable as long as it authentic.

What's Getting UnShy?

Getting UnShy is about stepping out from behind the scenes and letting people know who you are! So many of us are used to wearing masks when we show up online, only presenting the version of us that we feel people care about. But, today people want to feel like they're connected to a person not a product or service.

Getting UnShy is a personal branding strategy that walks you through the steps of developing a brand (and a plan) that represents YOU. It takes you through the five steps necessary to develop a presence that will last for years and leave room for you to grow as well.

The workbook offers covers topics such as:

  • Creating a consistent content routine

  • How to find your ideal community

  • Creative storytelling

  • Networking and collaboration

And this just names a few! 👀

I know you're tired of creating content and feeling like you're speaking into a void. You see other creators who appear to be thriving and growing exponentially while you are still trying to find what works for you.

Or maybe you've built a strong presence, but now you're realizing that you're ready to make a shift and have no idea where to start. Wondering how to pivot and go after what's next when people know and follow you for something else.

This is where building an authentic personal brand comes into play! It will give you the space and freedom to move into different lanes, but still be in your lane. When you build a brand based off of being yourself, it allows people to fall in love with YOU not just what you can do for them.

Going through this branding process you will get:

  • A strategy that caters to you:
    Find your voice, and let it out! Develop your content plan and watch your community grow.

  • Bold Authenticity:
    Embrace your unique journey and shape your brand identity to attract the community of your dreams.

  • Courageous Creativity:

    Give perfectionism the boot with techniques made for the introverted, reserved, quiet (and everyone in-between), ensuring consistency in spite of life happening to you.

  • A community of creatives:

    Gain access to supportive space to openly share creative challenges and successes. Your creative community for collaboration and growth.


You were meant to be a trendsetter and it's time you embrace that title. Build a bold presence that reflects who you truly are meant to be and watch yourself become a magnet to your ideal community!

Getting Unshy Workbook [Physical]

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