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Build a Bold Brand.

Make an Impact.

Monetize Your Creativity.

Be a Trendsetter.

For Trendsetters Only...

On top of being a Brand Outfitter, I am a mom, a creative, and visionary. I have always believed that in other people’s dreams and would gladly be the first person to cheer you on along the way.  And I have made it my mission to give you all the tools necessary to be the boldest version of yourself, while monetizing your creativity.

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 I’m Jada West, your Brand Outfitter and the visionary behind the “Getting Unshy” movement. My journey is a testament to the belief that everyone is meant to be a trendsetter, including you. Navigating through an eclectic mix of roles as an influencer, fashion designer, resale shop owner, full-time employee, and a dedicated mother, I've embraced every facet of my identity to guide you on this transformative path.


My revelation came during a retreat where I was told that my lack of confidence would keep me from millions of dollars. Being shy had become an excuse to stay where I was comfortable and not go where I was called.  It was this moment of clarity that propelled me to redefine what it means to be successful in the fashion industry and beyond. I realized the profound impact of aligning one's personal and professional life with their true passions, leading me to adopt a more holistic approach to branding.

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