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Hey Y'all!

I’m Jada West, your Brand Outfitter and the visionary behind the “Getting Unshy” movement. My journey is a testament to the belief that everyone is meant to be a trendsetter, including you. Navigating through an eclectic mix of roles as an influencer, fashion designer, resale shop owner, full-time employee, and a dedicated mother, I've embraced every facet of my identity to guide you on this transformative path.


My revelation came during a retreat where I was told that my lack of confidence would keep me from millions of dollars. Being shy had become an excuse to stay where I was comfortable and not go where I was called.  It was this moment of clarity that propelled me to redefine what it means to be successful in the fashion industry and beyond. I realized the profound impact of aligning one's personal and professional life with their true passions, leading me to adopt a more holistic approach to branding.


As a creative and visionary, I understand that the journey to becoming a trendsetter is often hindered by emotional barriers. Whether it's past traumas, the fear of visibility, or the pressure to conform, I’m here to help you navigate these challenges. My method is not about being everywhere at once but about creating a meaningful impact on the platforms that best resonate with your authentic self.

Jada West waving in front of a floral graffiti wall with pinks, blues, and greens

Hear from someone who’s experienced this transformation firsthand:


"Working with Jada was transformative. Initially overwhelmed by the idea of video content, her patience and guidance swiftly turned my apprehension into proficiency. In just four weeks, I found myself confidently producing videos, thanks to her. Being part of the For TrendSetters Only (FTO) community further enriched my journey, providing a supportive environment to share and grow. Jada’s mentorship helped me embrace my introversion and turn perceived weaknesses into strengths, laying a foundation for a personal brand that genuinely stands out."


Looking Ahead

The vision for our brand, "For Trendsetters Only," is to cultivate a community for creatives to build and grow together in a holistic environment. This space is designed for individuals from all walks of life to bring their diverse skills to the table, contributing while learning how to be bold and authentically themselves. Our trendsetters will not only acquire the skills needed for successful, sustainable careers as creators but will also gain confidence in their identity and emerge as leaders within their industries.


Our approach focuses on empowering you to become bold and authentic. You'll learn authentic monetization methods, choosing strategies that align with your vision and values, ensuring your monetization process is as unique as you are.


We’re here for the overlooked and underestimated, the outcasts, and the ones considered odd or weird. We support those with low self-esteem and insecurities, those who have shelved their dreams, and the undercover influencers, creators, and designers seeking an unconventional path to success. Our community is for anyone wanting to make an impact and income from their influence, especially those struggling behind the scenes to match their online persona with their offline reality.


As "For Trendsetters Only" evolves, we are deepening our commitment to brand management and strategic partnerships. We believe in maintaining and evolving a brand's identity over time, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints, and adapting the brand strategy as markets or objectives change. This holistic approach extends to forging partnerships and collaborations with other brands, creating co-branded campaigns, and products that resonate with our community's ethos.

Be bold online and offline


My commitment extends beyond the digital space; it’s about fostering a vibrant, supportive community. Whether through participating in podcasts, engaging at local events, or contributing to meaningful causes, I’m dedicated to nurturing connections that enrich our collective creative spirit.


Through the “Getting Unshy” workbook and tailored branding sessions, I offer you a compass to navigate the branding landscape with confidence and authenticity. This journey isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about evolving with every step, ensuring your brand stays as dynamic and true as you are.

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