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The Getting Unshy Collective ™

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You've got so much more inside you, but it feels like nobody's getting the full picture. When you finally do share about your talents, it's 'cause someone pushed you into it or showed real interest. And once you start sharing, you really get into your element, dropping all that knowledge and fire you've been holding back. Whether you're the quiet type or the one blending in, you're hitting the same wall. Imagine a platform where your voice not only gets heard, but celebrated. Where your skills and passions aren't hidden, they're what make you shine. This is what Getting UnShy is all about. It's more than just coming out of your shell; it's about stepping up and sharing your true self with the world. Getting UnShy is your strategy for showing the real you, living out loud in a way that's genuinely yours. It's a personal branding journey that teaches you how to tell your story, your way, from finding your voice to building a brand that's as real you are. On this journey, you'll get into: - Finding your rhythm in sharing what you love - Connecting with folks who vibe with you - Mastering storytelling that resonates and moves people - Building genuine connections and collaborations 3-month training process One-year access to private community (Telegram) Access workshops/ lessons/ materials to supplement Getting Unshy Workbook Monthly Virtual Meetups to share concerns, challenges, and strategize next steps Here is what you can expect over the next few weeks: 1. The Heart and Mind of the Creative 2. Identity 3. Selling Without Being a Sell-Out 4. Creating Soulful Content 5. Method to the Madness You can expect to learn who you are as a brand and create from a place of wholeness. And by knowing what your bigger vision is for your platform, you'll create more strategic content that will allow you to monetize your brand in multiple ways.

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