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Monetizing Outside of Brand Deals

"How can I make money from my content?"

That was the question asked by a friend of mine on TikTok a few days ago and it really caught my attention.

She described how she has a passion for shoe brands that cater to women's sizes 12+, however, they aren't the biggest companies.

Nor do they have the same budgets as the more popular brands.

But her heart is to be able to continue to connect brands to consumers with her content, especially since she's built a platform championing bigger feet + plus size women.

In order for her to monetize her content she would have to be willing to take a different approach to brand collaboration and that's where I was able to assist.

Here's what I suggested

I roughly mapped out a plan to monetize her content that would only take a few steps for her to get set up.

  • create a paid community/space to house her content: like substack, pattern, etc. and begin to move her content to these spaces

  • Connect with the brands she wants to work with and offer an option to be featured in her private content at different intervals of time (paid promotion but on a smaller scale) And save her in feed content to bigger budgets

  • Use her Tiktok to operate as a marketing tool and offer the similar content, while saving the best for her paid community.

Not only would this allow her to monetize through subscriptions (since she's already built a strong community online), offer options to still collaborate with brands, and build her community off of social media.

What about you?

Do you have some of the same concerns as my friend on TikTok? I'm considering helping out with more strategies like this for my creatives and I'm calling them monetization models! If the interest is there, I will gladly share some more options for the folks who need some fresh ideas for earning an income with their creativity.

Love y'all, real bad. 🫶🏾

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