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From YouTube Influencer to Fashion Entrepreneur

 The Getting Unshy Collective was instrumental in helping Shanía transition from a place of shyness and hesitation to one of boldness and proactive entrepreneurship.

Shanía Mason started her journey as a YouTube influencer, sharing her self-taught fashion design skills with an eager audience. Her tutorials, which detailed how to make their own clothes, quickly gathered a following. Despite her skills and growing popularity, Shania hesitated to label herself as a "fashion designer," feeling the title was too grand for someone with her non-traditional background. However, all this began to change when she joined the Getting Unshy Collective.

**You can find out more about her on her website.

Shania Mason wearing a black blaze3r with abstract prints in red, blue, and yellow with a pink head wrap and gold accessories against a yellow backdrop
Shania Mason

Facing the Doubts

In our sessions, Shanía opened up about her reluctance to embrace the title of fashion designer. She expressed feelings of being 'unworthy' of the title, which is a common thread I see in many talented individuals who are self-taught. "I want to be seen, but I don't want to be seen," she confessed during one of our early discussions, capturing the internal conflict that many creators face when stepping into their own light.

Embracing the Lifestyle

We tackled these insecurities head-on by reframing her approach to marketing. It wasn't just about selling clothes; it was about selling a lifestyle, a concept that resonated deeply with her. I advised her to envision where and how her creations would be worn. "Where would someone wear this outfit? At a picnic? To a cocktail party?" This approach helped Shanía visualize her designs in real-life scenarios, making the marketing process an extension of her creative expression rather than a burdensome task.

Transformation Through Personality Discovery

A turning point came when we conducted a brand personality quiz. Shanía realized, "Sometimes you don’t really know who you are until someone else tells you."

This wasn’t just about identifying her brand; it was about acknowledging her own unique strengths and how they could naturally enhance her business.

The quiz highlighted traits she hadn't consciously embraced, aligning her identity more closely with her business goals.

Shanía's primary brand archetype is the Lover. Which made perfect sense for the way that she emphasizes being comfortable with your body, embodying the sensuality with fashion, and her conviction to operate in collaboration with others.

Building a Community

Shanía's perspective on success shifted dramatically. She moved from obsessing over follower counts and likes to cherishing genuine connections.

"I started focusing on building a community—even if it means having just 10 people who are always engaging. That’s okay. That’s what’s important," she reflected.

This mindset shift was crucial as it aligned perfectly with her long-term goal of opening her own boutique and seeing people enjoy her designs in their everyday lives

Stepping Into Entrepreneurship

Encouraged by her newfound confidence and the supportive environment of the collective, Shanía finally embraced the title of fashion designer and took concrete steps towards becoming an entrepreneur. She began laying the groundwork for her boutique, a dream she had harbored since the inception of her YouTube channel.

Looking Ahead

As I continue the collective, Shanía’s story stands as a testament to the power of personal growth in revealing the path to having the brand of your dreams. Watching her evolve from a YouTube influencer into a bold entrepreneur, ready to launch her own fashion business, has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work.

Shanía’s transformation underscores a powerful message for all creative entrepreneurs: Getting unshy by embracing your true self can lead to profound personal and professional growth. I’m incredibly proud of her progress and eagerly anticipate the official launch of her fashion brand, where her designs will finally be available to the world.

Key Moments From Shanía's Story

1. Confronting Self-Doubt

   Shanía openly discussed her initial feelings of unworthiness regarding the title "fashion designer" due to her self-taught background. The collective helped her confront and overcome these doubts, enabling her to finally embrace her identity as a designer and entrepreneur.

2. Shift in Marketing Perspective

   A significant shift in Shanía's approach came from rethinking how to market her designs. She learned the importance of selling not just clothes but the lifestyle associated with them. This was epitomized by the advice to visualize where and how the clothes would be worn, making the marketing process a creative and integrative part of her design work.

3. Personal Growth through Engagement

   Shanía shared that the brand personality quiz and other engaging activities within the collective helped her gain a deeper understanding of herself. This self-awareness translated into a more authentic and aligned approach to both her personal brand and her business strategies.

4. Focusing on Community over Numbers

   Through her time in the collective, Shanía realized the value of building a genuine community rather than merely focusing on social media metrics like follower counts and views. She shifted her focus to fostering meaningful interactions and building a base of loyal supporters.

5. Empowerment and Independence

   The collective empowered Shanía to take significant steps towards her entrepreneurial goals. She moved from feeling paralyzed by discouragement to taking actionable steps toward opening her own boutique—a long-held dream.

6. Continuous Support and Future Planning

   The collective not only provided immediate support and growth opportunities but also set the stage for ongoing development.

Wanna learn more about the Getting Unshy Collective? You can get all those details here.

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